Use #11. Makeup Remover.

Admittedly, this is not one of the uses I have personally tried. This one was phoned in, and comes from Laura, in suburban Boston. Apparently, baby wipes are quite useful for the task of removing makeup, and leave a fresh, clean, exfoliated face behind (or so I'm told).

There is just enough texture in the wipe to clean pores effectively, and at the same time enough moisture to break up dried-on makeup. Frankly, with all the exotic biochemicals found in makeup these days, I'd be afraid of spontaneous combustion right under my nose, a sort of chemical reaction with the alcohol in the wipes and the stuff in that bottle of flesh-colored paint. I mean, if they have to test the stuff on animals first, do you think its safe for people on a long-term basis?

I don't wear makeup myself, being a 40-something guy with enough self-esteem and decades of ingrained thinking that "makeup is for women only". I know men wear the stuff now, too. I've seen it on them at work, in public, and frankly it creeps me out just a tad.

I find it amusing, though, when I see guys with makeup chatting with girls with makeup, say, in a restaurant, and they're on a first date -- you can tell its a first date by the discussion topics and the body language -- and they both state that they want a relationship that's REAL...
Cost: $0 to remove makeup. Relationship Therapy is extra.

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