Technical Difficulties Resolved.

I have resigned myself to simply re-enter the old blog info into a new one, rather than trying to get anyone in tech support to understand my plight.

You may've noticed that there haven't been any new postings here since 2004...that's a long time, isn't it? That's because shortly after I established my original blog back in 2004, the provider was absorbed in borg-like style, assimilated, consumed in-whole, by a larger fish in the blogging world. During this absorption / consumption process, my account information was digested and passed, leaving the new blog organism entirely, never to be found again.

In other words: I had a blog, but I could not log in to add, change, edit or otherwise manage it.

Since I blog for sport and not for profit, I was not terribly worried about the situation. I have a life, a job, a family and all the time-consuming activities that go along with being an active parent, so this little technical glitch was not a concern. I had other ways to use my time. I thought that I'd work the system, allow the tech support folks fix the problem. But in efficient, borg-like style, the automated responses to my e-mail pleas for help always started with "you must log in...".

I could see that tech support had missed the point entirely. If I could "log in" I would. But I can't. You deleted the friggin' login page I used to access my original blog! It doesn't exist anymore. Only the remnants of the original content (and an ad for a company that's out of business) remain.

Someday, I will organize the 1,718 automated responses I recieved from the original blog service...but for now, I will simply say "hi" and "its good to be back".