Use #13: Hand Sanitizer (or anything ELSE sanitizer).

It should be painfully obvious, after opening a container full of fresh baby wipes which have been sitting in the car for an hour or so, that there’s enough alcohol in those things to kill just about any bacillus or virus attempting to transpirate nearby. The impact of the odor from the baby wipe container can be startling to say the least, and when it hits you square in the face, your eyes do a little sideways dance as you begin to contemplate where to fall when you lose consciousness.

For starters, it is best to keep the wipes tightly sealed at all times, to preserve the alcohol, to preserve the moisture in the pre-moistened wipes, and to preserve your sense of smell. Secondly, open the container AWAY from you, as you would a recently shaken soda can.

There are containers available to carry wipes with you, and the makers of baby wipes often bundle their products with freebie versions of portable wipe carriers. WARNING: they do the job for the diaper bag, but they do not seal well, hence my diatribe at the beginning of this blog entry. So carry the carrying case with wipes in a carrying bag that seals tightly. Or, do as we do and scrap the cheapie carry case for a simple zip-lock-type bag. It does the trick just fine, thank you. And it saves room in the diaper bag for other essentials, such as the MP3 player and the portable gaming console.

The hand sanitize part of this entry should be self-evident; wipe your hands with one and you’re done. This would’ve been a boring entry if I just told you about the sanitize part, now wouldn’t it? The objective here is to educate new or soon-to-be parents on the hazards of parenthood that may jeopardize safety. When I opened the car after our first road trip with my son and his support apparatus in tow, I was totally unprepared for the shock to my system I would receive from CLEAN baby wipes de-gassing in the diaper bag in the back seat. I don’t even want to consider what dirty ones would be like in a hot car…not going there…too…scared…