Episode 102 for Sunday, 28 August 2005

News: Dad's get postpartum depression, Moms and newborns not rooming together, Video games good for kids and family, Illinois gov. sued over safe videogame law
Quiz: Dads - are you a role model for your kids?
Featured Site: www.newsforparents.org
Podsafe Music: Adrina Thorpe, Syd, Suzanne Smith (from music.podshow.com and garageband.com)
Money Talk: Why 14-yr-olds are an economic powerhouse

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Anonymous said...

Just found the podcast after listening to Daily Source Code. I like it so far!

By the way, the Illinois governor's name is pronounced Blah-goy-o-vich.

Dennis said...

Thanks for the info...I'm sure Gov. Roy will have more to say on the topic, as willl I! Thanks, Doug!

Bryan said...

I found you from your DSC promo. Sounds pretty good, I'll give it a try.

I have an issue with the "Role Model" quiz. One question on it invalidates the entire quiz. The question about religion basically states that I can't be a good dad as an athiest.

While I am not dad of the year, I don't think religion is a requirement in order to be a good father.