Use #16: Sunburn (ouch!)

We spent too much time in the pool at the gym yesterday. And since I'm a natural redhead, I have absolutely no genetic code in me to allow for a suntan. I'm basically a walking, breathing skin cancer laboratory. I can edit my own HTML, XML, RSS and PHP, but not my own DNA. Is there an 'Idiots Guide' available for that topic yet?

My son, however, much to my surprise, did not inherit this genetic trait and can absorb far more rads than dear old dad. He gets a nice even brown tone, while in the same sun for the same period of time, I look like a warning label.

We forgot sunscreen, naturally, and the indoor pool was closed for remodeling, so I spent half an hour in the full sun, scorched my body from the shoulders up, and now I'm paying the price; pain and discomfort for my carelessness. Its my own fault. And it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with global warming!

But, since this site is about uses for those baby wipes left over from days-o-diapers, here's a tip: the wipes really do soothe the burn quite a bit. Just don't use them too often, since over-use can dry out your skin when it really needs the oils to heal. I used wipes in combination with this magic blue aloe-zylocain-goo for sunburn when I got home. Today, most of the pain is gone and the red is more like a pale pink. Tomorrow I'll be pasty-white again, ready for another megadose of radiation.

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Anonymous said...

F'n bummer, man, try dapping a cotton ball in vinegar, it will take the sting out. If all else fails, try a lydocaine-based goop. Kisses. Danni, borderline