The In-Laws Are In Town

...so my posts are few and far between while we entertain and have a real life, rather than living in the blogosphere. Evan went to the beach with gramma and grampa today. He did the quality-time thing with them. A fishing trip is planned for Monday.

An important note: Baby wipes are excellent for getting sand unstuck between your toes after a trip to the tidepools...especially if your sneakers slip into the tidepool and turn otherwise loose grains of sand to clumps of gritty toe-jam. Hope you weren't eating when you read that...

In other news: I've secured a web hosting service - now the agonizing part: waiting for the domain name to work! It takes 24 hours or so before it 'propagates' through the internet, so hopefully it'll work tomorrow, so I can put up my first PODCAST! {yay} I've consumed most of the readme stuff and help files, FAQs, eManuals, etc. and I think I know what I'm doing (not)...my brain is fried, I'll admit it...but it IS fascinating.

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