Showtime! Episode 101 Is Here!

At long last, now that my web server is alive and actively talking to the world, I can officially announce the first 'podcast' of "101 Uses For Baby Wipes".

Click this link for the .MP3 file of the very first show!

- U.S. House gets tough on Rockstar for "hot coffee"
- Ill. Governor signs first-ever law to ban sale of violent video games to kids
- Stats of the week

- 'Slap Rockstar Silly'
- Helpful hints on keeping kids safe from e-mail predators
- Fun on the internet for everybody: Toontown!
- A handy tool for 'controlling' what kids watch on TV: The 'Weemote'
- The big guy with no neck redux
- from Garageband.com, "Ikea" by Jonathon Coulton
- from Garageband.com, "Nothing to talk about" by Anders Bau
- from podsafemusicnetwork.com, "Future Hope" by the Rich Hall Experience

Thanks to Radio Jeff at radiodaddy.com for the cool intro voice-over, and to "Cagey House" at podsafemusicnetwork.com for the intro music.

New Addition: Odeo feed:

My Odeo Channel (odeo/3d4addba0ea7e1ae)

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