The Podfather

Its been one busy day. First, my son goes off to his first day of school. Then I'm nearly killed trying to drive to work (I'll post some photos as soon as I calm down) And to top it off, I get home, plug in the iPod, start up iTunes, put on the headphones for some relaxing podcast listening...and what do I hear...

Adam Curry, the de-facto inventor of podcasting and host of 'Daily Source Code' mentions 101 Uses For Baby Wipes on his show!

(This is the part where you applaud and I say "I'm not worthy!" and collapse from total shock.)

Many thanks for the call-out, Mr. Curry (may I call you 'Adam', or just 'Podfather'?)

I've posted a promo for the podcast at podsafemusicnetwork.com. I don't dare post one here; everyone will think its a new show!

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