The Podfather Part II

It happened again! Only this time I was better prepared. Instead of nearly crashing my car, I only fell out of my chair in the "studio".

Yeah, what once was a guestroom, then a game room, for a time a den, then an office is now, "the studio". Sounds so funny to read this aloud. I think to myself, "geez, I just did this on a whim, and the guy that started the whole thing has taken notice".

I'm of course referring to Adam Curry's Daily Source Code podcast. He mentioned the 'wipes podcast twice last week, and the stats went crazy. Today on his show, he played my promo that I threw together in the aftermath of the heavy demand in an absolute panic, and the download traffic was so high that my server is in a pile of smoking ruin in some high-rise in Minnesota.

Tech-Tip: Don't buy shared web hosting if you can afford not to.

Tech Tip #2: If your life depends on MySQL, get single-premium whole-life (insurance).

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